Nurbay Irmak

Ph.D., University of Miami, USA

Research Interests: 

Metaphysics, Bioethics.

Selected Publications: 

Irmak, Nurbay. (forthcoming). "Authorship and Creation", The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism.

Irmak, Nurbay. (forthcoming). “The Problem of Creation and Abstract Artifacts”, Synthese.

Irmak, Nurbay. (2019). “An Ontology of Words”, Erkenntnis, Vol 84 (5), pp. 1139-1158.

Irmak, Nurbay. (2016). “Right to Refuse Treatment in Turkey: A Diagnosis and a Slightly Less Than Modest Proposal for Reform”, Journal of Medical Ethics, Vol 42 (7), pp. 435-438.

Irmak, Nurbay. (2015). “Professional Ethics in Extreme Circumstances: Responsibilities of Attending Physicians and Healthcare Providers in Hunger Strikes”, Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics, Vol 26 (4), pp. 249-263.

Irmak, Nurbay. (2014). “Must Everything Go? A Critique of Ontic Structural Realism”, [In Turkish], Felsefe Tartışmaları 49, pp. 35-46.

Irmak, Nurbay. (2013). "The Privilege of the Physical and the Status of Ontological Debates", Philosophical Studies. Vol.166 (S1), pp. 1-18.

Irmak, Nurbay. (2012). "Software is an Abstract Artifact", Grazer Philosophische Studien. Vol.86, pp. 55-72.

Baç, Murat and Irmak, Nurbay. (2011). "Knowing Wrongly: An Obvious Oxymoron, or a Threat for the Alleged Universality of Epistemological Analyses?", Croatian Journal of Philosophy. Vol.11 (3), pp. 305-321.

Acting Chair