Stephen Voss

Ph.D., Stanford University, USA

+90 (212) 359 6659

Research Interests: 

Descartes, History of Philosophy, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophical Ways of Life, the Self

Selected Publications: 


"Advice about How to Do Philosophy in the Twenty-first Century" in Judi Upton-Ward, ed., New Millenium Perspectives in the Humanities (Global Humanities, 2002). (click here to read the paper)

"Descartes: Heart and Soul" in John P. Wright and Paul Potter, eds., Psyche and Soma (Oxford, 2000).

"A Spectator at the Theater of the World" in Rocco J. Gennaro and Charles Huenemann, eds., New Essays on the Rationalists (Oxford, 1999).

"Descartes: The End of Anthropology" in John Cottingham, ed., Reason, Will and Sensation (Oxford, 1994).

Essays on the Philosophy and Science of Rene Descartes: editor (Oxford, 1993)


"The Place of Mind in Nature": An argument that there is only one subject of mental states and only one ultimate particle in nature, and they are identical. (click here to read the paper)

"Seeming and Feeling": Are raw feels raw deals? Can we improve on the idea of qualia?

"Cartesian Love": The ontological and moral roles of Descartes's theory of love


A Philosophical Concordance To Descartes's Les Passions De L'ame (click here to read the paper)