Full-time Faculty

Summer School Coordinator
Ph.D., Syracuse University, USA (1999) 

History of Modern Philosophy, British empiricism, Metaphysics, Ontology

+90 (212) 359 6961
Ph.D., University of Miami, USA

Nurbay Irmak will be on his sabbatical leave in the Fall 2020 and the Spring 2021 semesters.

Metaphysics, Bioethics.

Department Chair
Ph.D., University of Chicago, USA

History and Philosophy of Probability Theory, Kant’s Theoretical Philosophy, Statistical Reasoning, Informal Logic

+90 (212) 359 7093
Ph.D., Emory University, USA

Classical and Post-Classical Islamic Philosophy, Philosophical Theology 
and Philosophical Mysticism; Modern German Philosophy and Phenomenology 
(especially, Kant and Husserl)

Graduate Advisor
Ph.D., University of Wales, UK

Wittgenstein, Ancient Philosophy (with emphasis on Plato's metaphysics and psychology), Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Mind, Ancient Greek Language for Philosophers

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Double Major Advisor
Ph.D., University of Kent, UK

Social and Political Philosophy, Freedom, Socialist Feminism, Film and Philosophy, History of Philosophy (18th and 19th century)

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Erasmus & Exchange Advisor
Ph.D., Rochester University, USA

Philosophy of Language, Applied Ethics, Epistemology, Feminism, Philosophy of Mind

Erasmus & Exchange Advisor
Ph.D., Boğaziçi University, TR
+90 (212) 359 7093
Colloquium Coordinator
Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, USA

Kant and Early Modern Philosophy, The Philosophy of Cognitive-Science, Perception and Action, Political Philosophy, Moral Philosophy, Epistemology, Thomas Reid.

+90 (212) 359 6659
Ph.D., Stanford University, USA

Descartes, History of Philosophy, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophical Ways of Life, the Self

+90 (212) 359 6659
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin–Madison, USA
Epistemology, Moral Philosophy Justificatory Reasoning in Non-Formal Domains; Realism & Anti-Realism; Pragmatic Realism, Modern Philosophy; History & Philosophy of Science; Philosophy of Education; Aesthetics
+90 (212) 359 6832
Ph.D., University of Hamburg, DE

Philosophy of Science, Social Epistemology, Cognitive Science.

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