"Damascius on the Ineffable" by Luca Pitteloud (Federal University of ABC)

Tuesday, January 18, 2022 - 19:00
Next Tuesday, January 18, at 7.00 pm, Luca Pitteloud will give us a colloquium, and you are all invited. He will present an interpretation of the metaphysics of the 6th century philosopher Damascius, known as the last of the neo-Platonists. The title of his talk is “Damascius on the Ineffable.” Here is his introduction. 
In this presentation, I want to offer a reconstruction of Damascius’ attempt to grasp the first principle of all things, the Ineffable. Such a grasp implies the rejection of the principle of non-contradiction. The reasoning soul, using aporia, is forced to admit contradictory statements as true when it comes to cognize what lies beyond any intelligible being. Damascius shows that it is necessary to postulate a completely transcendent and unknowable Absolute, which is the uncoordinated cause of all things beyond the One. 
Luca Pitteloud is a historian of ancient philosophy, with a special interest in ancient metaphysics. Presently teaching at the Federal University of ABC in Brazil, he received his PhD from the University of Fribourg in Switzerland and has also taught in Spain and China. He has edited a book on infinite regress arguments in ancient philosophy and another book on psychology and ontology in Plato. 
Here is the Zoom link to Luca Pitteloud’s colloquium: https://boun-edu-tr.zoom.us/j/98548798093